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Super Hero Kids Video (Pre-K-3rd Grade)


This 12-minute video is thoughtfully designed to teach pre-k to 3rd grade students life-changing skills. Our engaging and empowering message shows you and your child how to recognize, stop, and prevent recurrence of groomed assaults and promote life-long healthy boundaries. - Scroll down to rent -

Safer Tweens Video (3-5th Grade)

This engaging 12-minute assault prevention training content has been received by over 10,000 kids in schools and churches. The training is typically 40 minutes long, but we have a condensed version to reach kids at home to share empowering personal safety strategies. Scroll down to rent -

Safer Teens Video (6-8th Grade)

This empowering video helps teens understand the best ways to recognize and avoid assaults. It prepares them to make safe choices in difficult situations. Used by many schools and religious organizations, it is age-appropriate and effective. - Scroll down to rent -

High School Video (9-12th Grade)


This video summarizes the best ways for high school age kids to recognize and prevent risky situations. It defines the safest way to react and provides tangible examples. It contains informative and empowering content, received by approximately 18,000 students.  - Scroll down to rent -


All videos are ONLY $9.99 for 24-hour rental.

Our mission is to prevent pain and save lives. 

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