The 12-minute video is thoughtfully designed, to teach pre-k to 3rd grade students life-changing skills. Our engaging and empowering message shows you and your child how to recognize, stop and prevent groomed assaults and promote life-long healthy boundaries.


This video is a FREE rental until May 31st, 2020.  

(Regularly priced at $99.00 per rental for classrooms.)

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Currently, the video is FREE. You DO NOT need to enter your credit card information to view the video.​

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  • Ensure you have an internet connection, then click the $ icon to create an account and purchase your 24-hour rental.

  • To re-watch the video at a later time, simply come back to this webpage and click the play button again.

  • You have 24 hours from the moment of purchase to watch as many times as desired.

  • You must be logged into your account to watch the video. If you see your account name below, you are logged in, otherwise, click the button to log in. 


To achieve optimum prevention training, we highly recommend purchasing: The Class Leader Package. This offers teachers, group presenters and parents an easy-to-follow outline for presenting the video in a most effective and impactful way. This includes options for extending the 12-minute video viewing to add up to 50 minutes of interactive, engaging and empowering content, carefully designed to enhance the presentation. Included with the Class Leader Guide is the Parent Guide, containing critical background information and parenting practice exercises to reinforce core messages at home. An extensive Bibliography is also included with relevant reference materials for adults wanting to explore key concepts.  

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