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Teenagers are in an exciting, yet complex phase of life, facing new experiences and challenges. Certain safety-related decisions will have a lifelong impact. We help teens make informed choices by giving them accurate information about situations they will face. This is done in a safe and empowering format by skilled trainers. Each level of training offers a Parent Guide - this includes simple follow-up exercises and escape moves, for at-home practice. Information leads to beliefs and beliefs lead to actions.   


As a child psychologist and trauma specialist, I feel this training is the best way to learn what feels okay and what to do about it when it is not okay. It is past the time for a program like this to be an essential part of school curriculum and parent education. It has been formulated in the most tasteful, fun, appropriate and empowering way - while hitting all the most important information. It's hands-down brilliant and essential! 

Jennifer Ullom-Riziq, MA, LP

Licensed Psychologist


  • One in four girls and one in six boys will face sexual assault or abuse.

  • 90% of assaults will be by someone the child knows.

  • Nearly 70% of all reported sexual assaults (including assaults on adults) occur to children ages 17 and under.

  • Adolescents who experience assaults are two to three times more likely to have alcohol use or dependency problems than non-victims.

  • 60% of child abuse victims never tell anyone.  




*Facts are approximate based on multiple credible sources.

Girl Gazing


  • Our Tweens and Teens program focuses on the best ways to recognize and avoid danger. Click here for details. 

  • School classes: Contact us for information on how your school can host a training.

  • Private classes: Contact us to schedule an age-appropriate presentation for your group.

  • Open classes: Click the "Book a Training" below to register for an existing class.


We require a responsible adult to attend a training classes with teens, unless the class is in a school, religious group or organization approved by teens’ parent(s).

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