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Conor Grant, Chief Operating Officer of Sky Betting and Gaming, replied: “At Sky Betting & Gaming, we closed our affiliate scheme in 2017 because we were equally concerned. Since then, we have signed 12 larger media partners, as we call them” When pressed, he accepted that the “media partners” were doing the same work as affiliates, but added that his company had changed the way it worked: “Historically, if you joined the site and lost £100, the affiliate would have had a cutback of that. Today, the media partner gets a fixed fee and no further revenue as a result.”

The CEOs of Bet365, William Hill and GvC all admitted that their companies still used affiliates, some at least of which were paid on the basis that they benefited when the player lost a bet.

We heard this evidence on 4 February 2020. On 21 February we received a submission from a body called the Responsible Affiliates in Gambling (RAiG).277 They explained that they wrote “having taken note of comments already made by the Committee’s participants.” Although this submission arrived over six months after the deadline, we accepted it as written evidence.

RAiG was set up in May 2019 by three of the largest affiliates “to foster wider initiatives in the UK affiliate market to promote social responsibility and help create a safer gambling environment for consumers.” A condition of joining the association is that each member will be subject to an annual social responsibility audit. Although the RAiG evidence does not mention who conducts this audit, their website tells us that it will be conducted by Gambling Integrity, a body whose clients include William Hill, Sky Betting and Gaming, and GvC.


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